Join us in creating affordable and effective recovery for children who have experienced trauma

I am looking for collaborators to pilot affordable, effective recovery support for children following trauma; and sexual abuse in particular. This would build on the research I undertook as part of my doctoral thesis. A very early version of the thesis was published in 2018 by the Department of Health and Social Care, as a guide to commissioning trauma-informed care (  

In 2021 two-thirds of UK children are not getting the therapeutic support they need (including those who have experienced sexual abuse)*. My completed thesis offers a way of helping these children. 

The three key findings were that 

  1. The scarcity of recovery services for children matters because  
    • – child sexual abuse is very prevalent in the UK –there are 1.5-2 million children in the UK who have been sexually abused  
    • – if left untreated, sexual abuse causes a lifetime of harm for a victim/survivor 
  2. I was able to identify the minimum requirements for an effective sexual abuse recovery service for childrenand,
  3. A recovery service based on the minimum requirements could be commissioned from the voluntary sector using the same traditional psychotherapeutic knowledge base as the NHS Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAMHS). 

Such a service would be both effective and a fraction of the cost of CAMHs 

Please contact me if you would like to explore ways to develop, expand or improve a recovery service to provide effective support, which meets the needs of all the children who have experienced trauma/sexual abuse in your local area. 

* All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) (2018) reviewing the progress of the government’s Five Year Forward View for Mental Health (2016 -21). 

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