Our Work

Our work has been predominantly in England and Wales, with some projects in Northern Ireland. We would be happy to work in Scotland.

Current and past clients include:

  • Department of Health
  • Home Office
  • Department for Education
  • Local Government Association
  • Police and Crime Commissioners
  • Local authorities
  • London Councils
  • Health and Mental Health Trusts
  • Regional/local Adults & Children’s Voluntary organisations
  • Universities
  • Other consultancies (sub-contracting)

Recent projects include:

Reviews of a range of single and multiple agency safeguarding responses for children as victims and offenders – practice, management and commissioning.

Evaluation of Home Office and Department of Health Transformation Fund projects.

Design and piloting of innovative responses such as a multi-agency Outcomes Framework, a trauma-informed recovery service; and local care pathway, a multi-agency core Dataset, a community engagement safeguarding programme.

Scoping online CSAE; cost-benefit analysis of the national policing response to CSAE; costing a trauma-informed recovery service.

Literature reviews or current knowledge reports – online grooming for CSAE, Public health responses to family violence and youth offending; strategies – for prevention and early intervention, LSCBs and OPCC victims commissioning.

We can provide services for a range of sectors and subjects:


Central government

Clinical Commissioning Groups

Community groups

Education incl. early years, schools & colleges

Faith groups


Local government (LGA, local authorities)

Multi-agency (MASH, LSCB, MARAC, local commissioner &/or provider partnerships)

National bodies e.g. NPCC, ADCS, APCC, Centre of expertise on CSA

NHS England

NHS Trusts


Police & Crime Commissioners

Private organisations

Public Health



Adolescent welfare and wellbeing

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Child sexual abuse and exploitation

Domestic violence & abuse (adults & children)

Emotional abuse

Harm related to culture and faith (FGM, HBV, Forced marriage & spirit possession)

Intimate partner abuse between young people

Looked after children

Mental health & resilience (prevention of mental ill health, trauma-informed recovery & a ‘tiered’ local offer)

Missing children


Online victimisation and offending

Physical abuse

Trauma-informed services Youth offending


Case file audits

Commissioning strategy & service specifications

Cost/benefit analysis

Deep dives

Domestic homicide reviews


Full reviews

Individual child/family assessments

Literature reviews

Management reviews

New service design incl. costing

Piloting innovative projects

Outcomes & performance monitoring

Service improvement

Quality assurance

Rapid reviews


Safeguarding strategies & action plans

Serious case reviews

Systems design

Training, guidance & procedures

If you, as a commissioner, and/or what you are looking for appear not to fit into one of these categories, please call us for a discussion about how we could tailor a service to meet your needs.