Partnership Approach

We understand that goodwill and trust is essential for authentic exchange of information. We are accordingly good at negotiating with commissioners and project stakeholders to achieve project outcomes as discretely and respectfully as possible.

We have experience in a broad range of child and family safeguarding. We bring academic rigour to our work, with illuminating literature reviews and ethical, innovative fieldwork. Our special interests include service user experience, practice (including training and supervision), service design and costing, commissioning, data/performance indicators and outcomes. This applies to safeguarding services for the full range of abuses/neglect experienced by children and young people in and outside of their homes; and teenagers and adults experiencing violence and abuse in their relationships.

It requires systematically gathering feedback from service users, staff, provider organisations and partners. This includes really understanding performance and outcomes information and continuing the engagement to jointly develop innovative, effective services.

Our offer of planning, creating or improving services and outcomes is for both internal or outward facing projects and challenges. We can deliver work for you over as short or long a period as you want and at the frequency you want.